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Aloha Medicinal Bio Silymarin PLUS™- 60 capsules



Bio-Silymarin PLUS™ supports healthy liver function with its potent antioxidant properties. It is all natural and non-toxic.

Bio-Silymarin PLUS™is an all-natural concentrated and purified extract of the seeds from the Milk Thistle plant, Silybum marianum. Anyone who lives a modern lifestyle with all of our junk food, stress, preservatives, toxins and pesticides can help ensure optimum health with Bio-Silymarin PLUS™. It is pure and more bioavailable than any other brand of Silymarin on the market.

This product contains raw Milk Thistle extract that is grown organically and imported from Germany. Bio-Silymarin PLUS™ is made from Milk Thistle extract (containing over 80% Silymarin).

Dosage: 1 capsule a day

One bottle of Bio SIlymarin™ contains 60 capsules, each 500 mg. 90 servings per container.

Benefits of Bio Silymarin™

  • Supports optimal liver health
  • Contains antioxidant properties