PIW (Pet Industry Wholesalers) is an interactive, professional networking group for pet industry manufacturers. The group provides a diverse forum for discussion on pet industry related issue and concerns. Branded with the PIW logo, pet retailers can shop from a trusted group of over 100 manufacturers dedicated to the pet industry, quality and customer service.
PET INDUSTRY WHOLESALERS aka PIW is a group for owners only of pet products manufacturing companies ONLY. I started it in 2008 or so. As owners, we need a group where we could ask questions.

All of my peers at that time were all asking the same questions. I created this group so we are not all operating in a vacuum. This is a closed group. I approve each member request. Please Join us. And feel free to invite your friends in the industry who are owners only!

  • In order to sign up you will need to login to yahoo with your yahoo login/password or email. If you don't have one, you can create one. You NEVER have to use it, but you need it to get into the group. (Kind of a pain, but it is part of the yahoo thing!)
  • Once you are in to set up your contact info, please use your work email. That way you will get the PIW emails in your work email account.

We look forward to having you join and participate. Click here to Join the PIW Group

Feel free to email with questions. jill@katiespetproducts.com

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