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AYUSH RENTONE for urinary tract/kidney support - 90 caplets



PET RENTONE™ is a unique formula for kidney and urinary support that we have put together at Ayush using a combination of Eastern and Western herbs, in addition to other nutrients that improve the effectiveness of the elimination system. Didymocarpus pedicellata, Saxifraga ligulata, and Tribulus terrestris are known for having kidney supporting function. Ocimum sanctum (holy basil) is used in the formulation for its immune-supporting properties. Shilajit is a mineral pitch obtained in the Himalayan region of India and is considered a rasayana (adaptogen). Shilajit contains at least 85 minerals in ionic form and has been used for centuries for genitourinary and immune support, as well as for its aphrodisiac properties. Arctostaphylos uva-ursi is a European herb, the leaves of which contain 10% of the bioavailable principle, arbutin, which splits into glucose and hydroquinone in the kidneys.

Cranberry has also traditionally been used to support the bladder and urethra. Mimosa pudica (also known as lajja, or lajwanti) is traditionally used for urinary system support. Beans of Dolichos biflorus, or kulatha beans, are used traditionally in support of urinary health. Cyperus rotundus produces tubers known as soucher, which support the renal, digestive and integumentary systems. Crataeva religiosa or varuna (three-leaved caper), contains saponins and tannins in its bark. In Ayurvedic medicine, varuna supports the bladder, helps support a healthy inflammatory response, and supports the genitourinary tract. Achyranthus aspera (apamarg) is traditionally used to normalize pH. Altogether, this is a complex and powerful combinations to provide support to urinary and kidney health.

  • Supports kidney, liver, and immune functions
  • Supports the bladder and urethra
  • Promotes a healthy inflammatory response
  • Promotes genitourinary tract health

    Under 30 lbs. = 1 capsule, 1 time daily

    30-60 lbs. = 1 capsule, 2 times daily

    60-90 lbs. = 2 capsules, 2 times daily

    Didymocarpus pedicellata, Saxifraga ligulata,Tribulus terrestrisOcimum sanctum (holy basil), Shilajit, Arctostaphylos uva-ursi, Mimosa pudica (also known as lajja, or lajwanti), Beans of Dolichos biflorus, or kulatha beans, Cyperus rotundusCrataeva religiosa or varuna (three-leaved caper), and Achyranthus aspera (apamarg)