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Alternative Solutions for Leap and Soothe

We are so very sorry, but Organic Pet Nutrition is no longer in business. We know that Leap and Soothe are great products and help your dogs and cats and that you will miss them. We want to make sure that you can find other solutions in our lines to keep your pets healthy.


By buying our products, you are supporting small businesses in the US.

Overall health for cats and dogs: Deserving Pets makes an amazing all natural vitamin powder for your pets. (if it wasn't a powder, I would take it!) Click here to see the benefits.

Immune System Support: Aloha Medicinals makes a great all organic mushroom product that comes in capsules and chews. We need to maintain an uncompromised immune system. This is so critical in our overall health. If your pets have a weakened immune system, they are more susceptible to disease, infection, old age issues, etc. (yes, we have this for humans too). Click here to read more about the benefits.

Hip and Joint help (and anything to do with movement!): Myristin Hip and Joint Formula for Dogs and Cats. This has been a miracle worker for so many people's dogs and cats and themselves! You can use this for young, old, injured, active animals. It is a great repair product and also terrific for preventative. We have been using and selling this for many many years and the results have been great for thousands of dog and cat owners and themselves! (yes, we have this for humans too). Click here for more information about Myristin.

Calming in the car or any nervous situation: Earth Heart developed some great aromatherapy sprays that help with Calming in many situations: going to the vet or groomer. Thunderstorms, car rides, etc. Click here for more information about these natural solutions.

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